Vision & Values

  • Our Vision

    The Cotswold Beacon Academy Trust vision is to develop a thriving partnership of schools that work together to generate and celebrate success and to create opportunities for our students and staff that raise aspirations and inspire excellence.

    Schools in the Trust are committed to:

    • Creating opportunities that raise aspirations and inspire excellence in students and staff
    • Promoting high levels of personal development and well-being in our students
    • Forming a distinctive partnership of schools that value their uniqueness and collegiality
    • High quality leadership and teaching, with a highly creative curriculum
    • Maintaining a relentless focus on high standards and excellent outcomes for our students
    • Creating opportunities for staff development to enable us to recruit, develop and retain the very best teachers and leaders
    • Innovating together for the benefit of our students and staff
    • Fostering relationships where autonomy and accountability go hand in hand
    • Creating a strong, financially resilient organisation that achieves efficiency savings for mutual benefit allowing us to focus resources on teaching and learning.
  • Our values

    At CBAT, our insight into defining and shaping a clear strategic vision for both Primary and Secondary schools will enable you to see quickly if our values are aligned with your own and if they are consistent with your approach to achieving successful outcomes for students. CBAT values:

    • The diversity of schools within our Trust, each of which is unique and adds value to the partnership
    • Honesty to critically evaluate leadership and teaching
    • Responsibility and accountability to ensure that leaders have high aspirations for all pupils
    • The openness and transparency to share strengths and opportunities for improvement
    • A commitment to being professionally generous in all aspects of our work as we strive for excellence in teaching, learning and leadership across the Trust
    • Equality of opportunity for all young people and the staff who work in our schools
    • Our commitment to work together to support and challenge one another
    • Effective governance that provides support and challenge to the schools in our Trust.
  • Trust Commitment

    Trust Commitment

    When schools join Cotswold Beacon Academy Trust they agree that:

    • They will reform their governing body into a School Development Board (SDB) in accordance with the Trust structure and adopt the Trust’s scheme of delegation – autonomy of the SDB will be commensurate with strength of the school
    • They will review staff recruitment in the light of the Trust’s overall staffing need
    • They will adopt the Trust’s policies
    • The Cotswold Beacon Academy Trust brand will be acknowledged and celebrated on school signage and paperwork and the school’s website will link to the CBAT website
    • 5% of the school’s General Annual Grant will provide for operational costs and the provision of central services from the Trust, providing economies of scale and savings for the school
    • All data including DfE performance reports will be shared with the Trust to ensure transparency