Your Questions Answered

We will update this page as further information on the new school emerges so please revisit us in the future. Information specifically on fair banding can be found using the link at the bottom of the page.

What sort of school will it be?
The new school will be an 11-16 coeducational comprehensive school with 6 forms of entry catering for 900 pupils when full.
How many pupils will be at the new school?
The school will open in phased manner, one-year group at a time starting with Year 7. It may open initially to 4 form groups and 120 pupils in total but should soon grow to 180 pupils in each year group and a total of 900 pupils in all.
Where will the school be situated?
The school will be situated to the south of Gloucester City. The Department for Education (DfE) are working with Gloucestershire County Council to identify suitable sites and secure a location for the school.
When will the school open?
The opening date for the school cannot be confirmed until the site is located and secured.
Why is a new school needed?
The new school will help to meet rising demand for places from children already in Gloucester primary schools as well as the demand created by significant strategic housing developments in the area. Data from Gloucestershire County Council, indicates that by 2023 there will be a requirement for Gloucester to have an additional 3 forms of secondary school entry for children already in primary schools and then a further 2 forms of entry from housing developments. The demand from housing is then predicted to rise rapidly, exceeding an additional 7 forms of entry by 2028.
Which other schools does CBAT run?
The new school will be part of CBAT, a partnership of local schools ambitious to take a greater role in the education of young people in Gloucestershire and surrounding areas. The trust was established in September 2016 and is currently responsible for Marling School in Stroud, Berkeley Primary School in Berkeley and Cam Woodfield Junior School in Cam, Dursley. Please explore this website to find out more about CBAT.
What will the new school be called?
We currently refer to the school as Beacon Secondary Academy. However, we would wish to involve the community in helping us settle on a name for the school when the location of the schools is determined.
What will the school be like?
We intend to bring the best features of an outstanding grammar school education to this inclusive, fully comprehensive school. Our culture will be about achieving your best, celebrating your own and others’ achievements and being proud of what you do well; our pupils will have high expectations of themselves, their friends and their school. Each individual will be valued, with a strong emphasis on participation, team work and leadership development. Innovation, academic rigour and creativity will sit side by side, to inspire pupils, fuel their learning interest and encourage them to be fearless in their ambition. This culture, and the way they are treated as learners will enable pupils to flourish as outward looking, questioning and confident young people with the skills and knowledge to create a rewarding and successful future.
What will pupils study?
The curriculum will cover all areas of the national curriculum with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) being a key focus. The STEAM subjects will be taught as discreet subjects but also form part of an industry supported, project-based STEAM curriculum enabling students to work with industry professionals. This taught curriculum will be enriched with engineering, creative and design opportunities through extra-curricular projects and work experience. The STEAM subjects will sit within an overall curriculum that is broad and balanced, and which promotes ambition, leadership and the determination to do one’s personal best in a supportive, inclusive school. The curriculum will promote the EBacc and focus mainly on GCSE qualifications. No curriculum can be successful without a commitment to English teaching and ours will be underpinned throughout by strong teaching of English language and literature and a school-wide focus on literacy. Students will become confident speakers and fluid writers. They will be encouraged and supported to read widely and use language effectively helping them develop the advanced skills to debate, or where necessary to make up ground. Sport and music will feature strongly. Individual talent will be encouraged and the benefits of participating in a group or team with others will be an important part of a rewarding and successful school experience.
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